People in demand

Wonder why we’re hard to get sometimes? In the last couple of weeks: Alan Lovett hosted the very successful Open Day at Hamer Hall (Victorian Arts Centre) on top of his many trivia appearances; Janet McLeod has been casting a new ABC TV comedy programme and running Local Laughs and her own trivia night and Danny McGinlay has been up all night writing up the World Cup for a media company as well as his usual comedy appearances.

When we say our hosts are working professionals, we are!

Record crowd at the Provincial

This week’s Tuesday Trivia at the Prov was the biggest crowd we’ve had there – at the start, there were 90 playing but late arrivals took the number to over 100. Great fun, lots of laughs and great competition.

Pub trivia getting busy

The Provincial, the Albion and the Sherlock were all packed this week. We had to bring in three extra tables at the Prov! Hard work for the hosts but we really like a crowd – we are entertainers after all. It’s more fun and more competition for the players too. It is a warning that you need to ring and book to guarantee getting in.

Our New Website

You’re looking at Melbourne Trivia’s new website. Hope you like it. We’re still finding the odd bug, so please be patient (and maybe tell us about it through the Contacts page). We hope it’ll be bugless very soon. The site was designed by Graeme Bunton in Toronto, around the new logo designed by Engana Graphics in Melbourne.

Fringe Trivia Challenge

Melbourne Fringe have announced that they will be once again taking on the other major Melbourne Festivals in the Fringe Trivia Challenge in September. This annual tradition brings the festivals together to drink, talk, laugh and try to out- trivia each other whilst pretending they don’t care who wins.

Film Festival Trivia a Blockbuster!

The Annual St Kilda Film Festival Trivia night was huge! 36 tables – around 350 guests drank, laughed and showed their filmic knowledge. John Thorn presented some tough music questions and Alan hit the crowd with a mixture from relatively easy to who-on-earth-would know that? ‘We <3 JB’ won in a thrilling tie-breaker, winning for the second year in a row. The team, mainly from Screen Australia is a tough lot to beat!

Carlton Draught Caps

Melbourne Trivia has provided another 600 questions for Carlton Draught bottle caps this year – that takes us to more than 4,000 questions we’ve written for them so far. Carlton have put some of the questions on their web site. Click here to go their home page then follow the link to the trivia questions.

The Storm

The 6th March hailstorm took out our regular landline phone for some days and we suffered some fairly bad roof damage – part of the ceiling fell in! It missed people and valuables we’re happy to say. Hope you survived the storm.