Our Hosts

Melbourne Trivia’s hosts come from a variety of show-business and entertainment backgrounds. They are selected for their sense of humour, their professionalism and experience and their love of trivia. Unfortunately, they are all often in demand and, while we will try,  we can’t promise you the host of your choice for your event.

Alan is an international entertainer who has performed comedy in Canada, USA, Britain and Japan. A veteran actor and playwright, he has appeared in film, TV and on radio as well as the stage. He has also written 5,000 trivia questions for the caps on bottles of Carlton Draught beer. Among his pleasures are his annual trips to Japan where he is in demand as an entertainer. He is often invited to MC a variety of events in Melbourne.
Janet is a well-known Melbourne comedian and performer who has presented shows for Fringe and Comedy festivals. Janet produces the highly respected and popular Local Laughs every Monday. Her monthly appearances in Cinema Fiasco at the Astor and the Nova, with Geoff Wallis, won a devoted following. Janet is a regular guest on 774 ABC Radio and has appeared weekly as the Australian correspondent for South African radio. Her very funny Quiz Internationale with Toby Sullivan is a perennial popular hit in Melbourne. We love her!
Richard is well-known and liked in Melbourne’s comedy scene. He has appeared in solo shows and as part of the highly successful comedy group, Watson. Friendly and funny.
Rob is a talented comedian whose one-man shows have had sold-out shows at the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringes and Melbourne Comedy Festival. An excellent improviser, he has performed all over the south-eastern states. He is a lovely man and great trivia host. He also sometimes looks spookily like David Tennant!
Laura is an experienced professional comedian who is often unavailable for hosting trivia due to her being in demand all over Australia. She won an award at the 2015 Melbourne Comedy Festival for her brilliantly funny Ghost Machine, Her relaxed style covers an acute brain and sense of humour.
Danny is an experienced host, MC and performer. His friendly style makes him a delight to have around.

Let us not forget:

Those of you who have experienced our trivia events know that our hosts are usually supported by one of our team of fabulous assistants, all of whom also have considerable talents outside Melbourne Trivia.

Scott designs and makes puppets and stage and screen props as well as being an award-winning comedy writer and truly individual person.

Tania‘s efficiency and calmness is valued by the hosts she assists. She is a talented graphic artist whose musical instrument is the saxophone, although she won’t bring it to your trivia event – even if you ask her to.