Fundraising Events

Sorry, we’re not able to offer online fundraising trivia at the moment

Schools … Kinders … Charities … Clubs … Hospitals … Childcare Centres

We give your group a relaxed and fun event that puts much-needed money into your organisation.

Our entertaining style of trivia events comfortably incorporates fundraising activities like raffles, silent auctions and money-raising games.

The event covers an interesting range of trivia that is not too hard but not too easy either. We have activities that include people who aren’t keen on trivia as well as comedy and lots of good humour from our experienced hosts (to meet our hosts, click here).

After you’ve made a booking, we come out to you for a no-charge planning meeting at which you can pick our brains for fundraising ideas and ask us about the programme we plan for your event. If you are outside the metropolitan area, we will spend time with you on the phone (or online conferencing if you prefer)

We adapt to your venue, bringing our own video and sound equipment or using yours if more appropriate.

Please contact us for a firm, no obligation quote.