Do you need a deposit?
Usually no. We usually send you an email confirmation of the event. Your reply confirms the agreement.

Do we have to pay before the event?
You will receive a tax invoice from us about a week before the event. We ask that you put it into the normal payment channels for your organisation. As a rule we prefer that you don’t pay us on the night.

Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes. Visa Mastercard and American Express cards are welcomed. We do not have EFTPOS facilities however.

Are you dearer or cheaper than other trivia companies?
We fall somewhere in the middle of the professional trivia companies. There are more expensive companies, and there are cheaper ones. As in all businesses, there are a number of people offering trivia services much cheaper than any of the professional companies, some are excellent, some terrible. You do need to check them out before using them – every year we get a few calls saying, ‘Our trivia host just rang to say he can’t do it on Saturday, can you help? ’

How do we decide which company to use?
In short – talk to those you’re considering. Ask about their programmes. Try to get a feel for how they suit your group. Price is never the final issue in deciding what’s best, whether you’re talking about clothes, cars or trivia companies.

We’ve never done a trivia night before, what do we do?
When you make a booking with Melbourne Trivia, we immediately make an appointment to come out and meet with you. At that meeting, you can ask us about our plans, discuss your needs and take advantage of our experience to plan your event.

What do you provide – equipment, answer sheets etc?
We bring all the sound and video equipment needed for the trivia, including a wireless microphone for you to use if needed. We also bring answer sheets and pens.

The venue already has a projector and screen and/or sound, do we use them or yours?
We usually talk to the venue staff and decide with them whether to use theirs or ours. In any case, you don’t have to worry – we make sure that you can hear and see everything without worrying you with the details.

What do we have to provide?
You provide the venue, the prizes, any catering and, of course, the guests. For fundraising events, you supply pens for a silent auction if you have one.

Can we choose which host we have at our event?
We try to give you your choice of host if we can but it is often not possible. Our two most popular hosts, Alan and Janet often have another trivia booking on your night and all of our hosts are frequently in demand as entertainers.

Is it OK if we have a guest auctioneer?
Yes. Our hosts are happy to act as auctioneers for a few items but equally happy to hand the microphone to your guest auctioneer.

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