Our History

Melbourne Trivia Company was started in 2002 by Alan Lovett who was tired of presenting out-dated and bland trivia nights for someone else.

Finding that his experience as an entertainer made him a popular host, Alan decided to use only experienced professional performers as presenters. We now have a great team of talented hosts.

He also decided to re-write the programme, keeping the better aspects of ‘traditional’ trivia nights whilst introducing new ideas and relevant questions. Melbourne Trivia was the first trivia company in Melbourne to use computers to seamlessly integrate multimedia into the programme. We have worked on the games we play – our invention of Hip Golf, specially designed for trivia events, was even exhibited by Innovic, the State Government’s innovations initiative.

Among policies Melbourne Trivia has introduced is our commitment to finish events by 11.15 pm so that parents can relieve their baby-sitters. We also have a policy of not playing sleazy or humiliating games.

The lively paced programmes and modern approach have made Melbourne Trivia very popular, and we keep analysing and working to improve the programme.