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With 15 years of corporate, social, hotel, and fundraising experience, we are still going strong as Melbourne’s most experienced and professional trivia experts…

Online Company and Corporate Trivia

We are now offering company and social club team trivia online.
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Weekly Team Trivia

Online pub-style weekly team trivia, hosted by professional comedians and entertainers.

Tuesdays 6.30 pm with host Janet A. McLeod. Bookings

Wednesdays, 8.00 pm with host Alan Lovett. Bookings

Thusdays, 6.30 pm with host Nick Caddaye. Bookings

Sundays, 3.00 pm with host Alan Lovett. Bookings

  • Up to 10 teams of 3 to 8 players. $5.50 per person (we like to eat)
  • Each team must have people in seperate places (of course you and your household can all be in it as long as other team members are elsewhere)
  • Sorry – no one person teams (logistically difficult)
  • You get to chat with other members of your team in a separate virtual room
  • Each week, a mixture of general knowledge, sport, music, current events etc, etc, etc…


What we offer

Corporate Events Fundraising Events Social Clubs Pubs & Hotels

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Melbourne Trivia


  • Our hosts are all working professional comedians and entertainers.

  • We’ve written 5,000 questions for Carlton Draught bottle caps.

  • We’ve provided a monthly trivia quiz for Inspire, the teachers’ magazine.

  • We presented over ten, yearly Melbourne Fringe and St Kilda Film Festival trivia events (enthusiastically received and keenly contested).

  • Our book, Trivia Nights for Dummies, was also well received.


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Plus many kindergartens, schools and sports clubs.

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