Event Notes

Some notes and recommendations to help you prepare for your Melbourne Trivia event…

We show scores on screen.


What we bring

We bring everything needed for the trivia programme – the host (of course!), the technical equipment, answer sheets and pens. We also provide a microphone for you to use for thank-yous etc. Sometimes the venue has audio visual equipment that we can use; you don’t have to organise this – we will contact the venue prior to the event to discuss their and our needs for the event.

What you provide

You provide the venue, prizes, catering and, of course, the guests.


The ideal size for a trivia team is eight people. We understand that the number of guests will influence this but strongly recommend that there are no fewer than six people in a team and no more than ten.


The Winners
You’ll need prizes for the winning team. There are two kinds of prizes:

  • A prize for each member of the team. For example, a bottle of wine each or cinema tickets (we recommend doubles if you are giving tickets).


  • A prize for the whole team to share. For example, a meal together at a restaurant.

If you have a trivia event every year (or more often), it can be fun to make up or buy a trivia trophy. Our suggestion is not to make the trophy too serious.

‘Wooden Spoons’
Again, depending on the group, a prize for members of the lowest scoring team can also be fun. Wooden spoons from a $2 shop, Rubik’s cubes and puzzle books are just a few suggestions.

Games Prizes
There will be two or three ‘games’ from which there will be a single winner, so you will need three small prizes.  Depending on the group, ideas include toys from a $2 shop or bottles of wine. We suggest that you don’t give company merchandise as prizes.

Our Needs

  • We will need a table for our scorer, computer and amplifier – a normal sized table or desk around 90cm – 100cm square is fine.
  • We will also require a standard power point within the room, preferably not too far from the part of the room where we set up the screen.
  • Because we will have several activities where guests will be ‘up front’ to compete, there should be a space of about 3 metres in front of where the projection screen will go. In any case, remember that we need to have a projector on a stand about 3 metres from the screen.
  • You do need to have the tables arranged so that everyone in the room is able to see the screen.

Special Questions

If you wish to include questions relevant to the group or your company, we are happy to include some. If we have already met with you, we will have made some suggestions about this. If the event is to be mainly for social reasons, we suggest no more than five questions and that they are more about people and the group than about your company or organisation. We need to receive your questions at least four days before your event.

We are also happy to include one or two photos of people from your organisation in our Famous Faces round. The best photos are of the person, either in their younger days or doing something unusual or looking different from usual – you must have their consent to include the picture. If you do this, please also let us have a recent picture of the person. Again – four days before the event please.

If questions or pictures arrive less than four days before, we cannot guarantee they will be used.